TRACK 4 U – Sören Jordan’s recording studio

Times have changed. Some years ago you needed a “real” studio with engineer, to get a good sound, today you can get the same sound from a small, specialized project-studio, optimized for certain things.
studio_3Track4u is specialized in recording a broad variety of guitar-sounds. I have many different guitars, amps and stompboxes at hand.
I’ve played on many different productions, from Gothic Metal to Blues, from Reaggae to Folk, that’s why I think that I’m experienced enough, to use this gear effectively.
The productions I played on show, that I can cope with all these different styles, without loosing my individual style of playing to me, the Song is always the most important thing.

studio_2I have worked in my Track4u studio for companies like “to b music”, “lunatic media”, or “logomusic”, played on jingles for germany’s most successful radiostation “SWR 3”, …also all the guitarsounds of my solo-cd “Sören Jordan’s Conglomerate#1” were recorded here.
But Track4u is not just for professional productions. Everybody who’s fed up with simulated amps or virtual guitarplaying, everybody who needs some new input for his songs, can get it here.

Write me an e-mail: – and you will get the details.

Here you can listen to some guitar sounds recorded at Track4u studio, that were used in the video for the ice-hockey team Adler Mannheim.