Sørens Gear

– Fender Stratocaster 1960 Reissue Custom Shop olympic white (rosewood fretboard)
– Fender Stratocaster 1979 stoptail yellowish dirty (maple neck) with Customshop Pickups
– Fender Telecaster 1995 USA Standard sunburst with Joe Barden Pickups
– Gibson Les Paul Goldtop VOS ´56 Reissue with Lindy Fralin Pickups
– Tom Launhardt ES-335 red with Barfuss Pickups
– Nik Huber Krautster II platinum silver with H. Häussel Pickups
– Peavey Wolfgang Goldtop USA Custom Shop stoptail with H. Häussel Pickups
– Schecter Hellraiser
and a variety of accustic guitars, (steelstring, classical, resonator,…)

– Marshall SLP 59 100 Watt head handwired modified by Gerd Mingl of Audioampco

– Marshall 2061 X 18 Watt head handwired
– Vox AC 30 TB with Blue Bulldogs
– Fender Vibrochamp Silverface mid 70s
– Fender Tonemaster 212 Cabinet (Vintage 30)
– AER Compact 60
– AER Cheeky D Cabinet 112
– Marshall 412 Cabinet (Vintage 25)
– Marshall 212 Cabinet (G12H Celestions)
– Audioampco Isolation Cabinet

Changes constantly, I use a lot of T-Rex pedals for Reverb, Delay, Compression and Modulation. I like the boosters of BSM/Twangtone,Pushking and Xotic, I also like Overdrives/Fuzzes of Fulltone (Octafuzz,OCD,Clyde Wah), Z-Vex (Box of Rock), Cmatmod (Brownie), Mad Professor (Sweet Honey Overdrive) …

I also use:
– Thegigrig power supplies and switching systems
– Harvest bags
– Elixir Strings
– Shure Microfones and Inear Systems

Thanks to Nik Huber Guitars, Marshall Amps, T-Rex Engineering, Elixir Strings, Shure, Harvest, Thegigrig, AER and Schecter.

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