Bands & Productions

I have been involved in many bands and productions, here a few of them:

1994-1998: „Die Schande
(Rock/Pop/Crossover) Cds: „Susi schläft alleine“(Polygram-Metronome1995) ,
Flo&Lea-„Susannes Zimmer“(Interchord 1999), both produced by Dieter Falk,

promo-tour with „Rammstein“, tour suport of Gianna Nannini 1995, countless festivals,…
The band produced 2 video-clips, released 5 singles, heavy rotation on Viva,… All in all I learned a lot in these days…

1995 – 2007: „Threestyle (instr. Rockbluessoulfunkpop)
CDs: „Pasta & perverts“(1996), „Sex and other sad stories“(1999)
Clubs and festivals, shows at the Musicfair Frankfurt, one with recording artist „Laith Al Deen“ for Shure microphones in 2001.

2004-2011  „The Voices Allstar Project
Allstar Project whith different Artists, feat. Paul Young, Katrina Leskanich (of the Waves), Nick van Eede (of Cutting Crew), Martin Fry (of ABC), Bobby Kimball (of Toto), Tony Headley (of Spandau Ballet), Alannah Myles, Nik Kershaw, Carol Decker (of T`Pau), Johnny Logan,  Chris Thompson (of Manfred Mann´s Earth Band), Jimi Jamerson (of Survivor), Midge Ure (of Ultravox), Maggie Reilly (Mike Oldfield), Bananarama“, Haddaway. Festivals, Galas in Europe.

2003 – 2007: „Umbra et Imago(Gothic Metal Cult Band)
CDs: „Memento Mori“ 2004, „Motus Animi“ 2005
Live DVD: „Imago Picta“ 2006 live in „Bunker“ Dresden
Extended touring in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Russia, Poland, Mexico.
Headliners of „Zillo-Festival 2004“, festivals like WGT in Dresden,…

Since 2007-2011: „Paul Young-Band
The Voices Allstar Band became also Paul Young Live-Band, since then we played, besides shows in Germany, shows in Israel, Sweden, Croatia, Scotland,…

ASP - Hildesheim 10.08.2013

Since 2011 „ASP
I joined the legendary german gothic novel rock project in 2011. Since then I played guitar on all releases of the band. We tour Germany every year and we played lots of festivals, some of them were really big ones like Summerbreeze, Rockharz, Méra Luna, Deichbrand and the legendary WOA Wacken Open Air 2013 with about 60 000 people in front of our stage! Our last Cd „Maskenhaft“ reached #2 of the german album charts. (Cds: „Fremd“, „Geisterfahrer“-EP, „Maskenhaft“)

2011-2013 „Pat Appleton Band
Sideproject of the voice of De Phazz , the Queen of Lounge, Pat Appleton. I played on one track of her solo debut „What´s next“ and joined the band for the 2nd Cd „Mittendrin“. I distibuted a few songs as composer on this album and we played a little Tour and a few single shows in Germany. (Cds: „What´s next?“/Edel und „Mittendrin“/Edel)

Since 2010 „Christmas Moments
Since 2010 I´m on tour with germany´s most successful christmas show every december. It´s a nice mixture of pop, gospel, musical with a great band and great voices.

1999-2003: „Knutschfleck (Deutschrock, NDW)
CD: „Endlich“
Live DVD: „Kultnacht“ live 2003 in Durlach
More than 200 gigs in clubs and festivals in Germany and Switzerland, backing band of  German stars like Hubert Kah, Peter Schilling, Markus, Frl. Menke.

1999-2002:”Pat Fritz Band
CD: „Pour femmes“ (released in 2004) on this record I also was composer on a few tracks and wrote some lyrics.
Gigs in clubs in Germany

1997-1999: „Mellow Yellow and the Boogaloo Kings (Blues)
CDs: „Uppertown Blues“(1999), „In my Car“ (2003 as guest musician)
Clubs, festivals, backing band for blues legends like Louisiana Red and Angela Brown.

1999-2001: „Moon Orchestra (Rock Pop Prog)
Cd: „Bible in his hand“ (2001) feat. Mick Rogers  („Manfred Mann`s Earthband“) as producer and singer/additional guitarplayer.
In this project I was involved in the songwriting, too.

More studiowork:
Lahannya – Shotgun reality
Lahannya – Defiance
Yakari – Das indianerstarke Musical
Rhetaire – grotesque morality
Jake and the Convolution – Red
Ana Bonfim – A Dois Minutos
Pedro Weiss & Singo Percussion-Family of Groove
Likkle T
Laurie Jones-Howler´s Moon
Lysette – Cupid´s arrow
Moojah-Big Hearts
Thomas Sabo
SWR 3 Hautnah Jingle
Adler Mannheim
div. Intervox Compilations

Track4U Sørens project studio
I have done more and more studiowork  in my little project studio in the last years.
It is specialized on recording guitartracks, I recorded many jingles for TV and radio there,worked for different companies, played on a track of Pat Appleton`s latest release, I also recorded all the guitar and bass tracks of my solo-CD „Sören Jordan`s Conglomerate #1“ there, …

I am playing clinics for Marshall amps, Elixir strings,worked for Line 6, Shure mics,…
Since 2007 I`m endorser for T-Rex pedals.